Kosher travel: Paris or London?

A Culinary Tale of Two Cities: Exploring Kosher Dining in Paris and London

The rich culinary traditions of Paris and London extend to their kosher dining scenes as well. Both cities offer a multitude of kosher options to satisfy every palate, whether you’re seeking classic Jewish fare or contemporary fusion dishes. Let’s embark on a culinary journey to compare the kosher dining landscapes of these two world-famous cities just before you book your next kosher vacation on

Paris: A Fusion of French Flair and Kosher Fare

1. Diversity of Cuisine

  • Paris offers a unique blend of traditional French cuisine prepared according to kosher dietary laws. Whether it’s coq au vin or kosher croissants, Paris’s kosher restaurants provide a delightful gastronomic experience.
  • Highlight: Pitzman, known for its dairy delights like pizzas and pastas.

2. Local Markets & Supermarkets

  • With markets like La Marais and kosher supermarkets like Kosher Boucherie Tzarine, Paris facilitates a seamless self-catering experience, perfect for Shabbat meals.

3. Neighborhood Concentration

  • Many kosher establishments are centered in the Marais district and the 19th arrondissement, creating a concentrated hub of kosher dining.

London: A Melting Pot of Kosher Delights

1. International Flavors

  • London’s kosher scene is famed for its international flavors, with restaurants serving cuisine from Jewish communities worldwide, ranging from Middle Eastern to Eastern European dishes.
  • Highlight: Reubens, London’s only kosher deli, famous for its salt beef sandwiches and classic Jewish comfort food.

2. Comprehensive Kosher Shopping

  • In areas like Golders Green and Stamford Hill, kosher supermarkets and bakeries, such as Kosher Kingdom and Carmelli Bakery, provide an array of products for those who prefer to cook.

3. Accessibility and Ease

  • London’s public transport facilitates easy access to various kosher dining options across the city, ensuring that kosher food is never too far away.


1. Culinary Style

  • Paris: More focused on French cuisine, incorporating kosher laws.
  • London: Known for international diversity, offering a global kosher taste experience.

2. Shopping & Self-Catering

  • Paris: Strong in local markets and specialty kosher stores.
  • London: Wider availability of comprehensive kosher supermarkets and bakeries.

3. Location & Accessibility

  • Paris: Concentrated in specific neighborhoods, adding to the local flavor.
  • London: More spread out, with good public transport links to various kosher hubs.

Legacy and Luminescence: Jewish Cultural and Heritage Sites in Paris and London

Jewish history is rich and diverse, and two cities where this tapestry unfolds in spectacular fashion are Paris and London. Both cities have played significant roles in Jewish history and culture, and their landmarks and sites narrate stories that are both inspiring and poignant. Let’s explore the cultural and heritage dimensions of Jewish life in Paris and London.

Paris: A Chronicle of Jewish Heritage

1. Le Marais – The Historic Jewish Quarter

  • Once the heart of Jewish life in Paris, the Marais district still retains its Jewish flavor with synagogues, shops, and bakeries.

2. Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme

  • This museum in Paris houses a stunning collection of art and artifacts depicting the history of Jews in France.

3. Shoah Memorial

  • A solemn site dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust, offering educational exhibitions and preserving the memory of French Jewish victims.

4. Pletzl – The Jewish Heart of Paris

  • The historic Jewish area within Le Marais, where you can find traditional kosher bakeries, bookshops, and synagogues such as the Agoudas Hakehilos synagogue, designed by Hector Guimard.

London: A Tapestry of Jewish Life

1. Jewish Museum London

  • Located in Camden, this museum covers the Jewish experience in the UK, with exhibits ranging from medieval history to contemporary Jewish life.

2. Bevis Marks Synagogue

  • The oldest synagogue in the United Kingdom, representing the historic Sephardic community of London.

3. Jewish East End

  • Once a hub for Ashkenazi Jews, London’s East End still echoes with Jewish history, from the famous Brick Lane to the historic Sandys Row Synagogue.

4. Cable Street Mural

  • This mural commemorates the Battle of Cable Street, where the local community, including many Jewish residents, stood against fascism in 1936.

Comparison: Paris vs. London

1. Historical Perspective

  • Paris: Focuses on a broad sweep of French Jewish history, with significant emphasis on the Holocaust.
  • London: Encompasses various Jewish communities over time, with a strong connection to both Sephardic and Ashkenazi traditions.

2. Museums and Educational Opportunities

  • Paris: Features art and history through the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme and the Shoah Memorial.
  • London: Offers an extensive portrayal of Jewish life and history in the UK through the Jewish Museum London.

3. Historic Neighborhoods

  • Paris: The Marais district and Pletzl provide a concentrated Jewish historical experience.
  • London: The Jewish East End and sites like Bevis Marks Synagogue highlight different waves of Jewish immigration and community.

A Comfortable Stay: Accommodations and Convenience for Jewish Travelers in Paris and London

The allure of Paris and London extends beyond their iconic landmarks and cultural richness. For Jewish travelers, accommodations and convenience in these cities also play a crucial role in shaping a memorable and comfortable journey. In this post, we will explore and compare the accommodations and conveniences offered to Jewish travelers in Paris and London.

Paris: Chic Comfort with a Jewish Touch

1. Proximity to Kosher Amenities

  • The Marais and 19th arrondissement neighborhoods offer a concentration of kosher restaurants, shops, and synagogues, making them preferred locations for kosher travelers.

2. Self-Catering Options

  • A variety of accommodations in Paris offer kitchen facilities for those who prefer self-catering. Kosher markets and fresh produce markets are readily accessible.

3. Shabbat-Friendly Hotels

  • Some hotels in Paris, such as the Astrid Hotel, are known for accommodating Shabbat observance, with manual keys and other amenities.

4. Jewish Heritage Tours

  • Tour services offering specialized Jewish heritage explorations can be a convenient addition to the accommodations package.

London: Home Away from Home for Jewish Visitors

1. Kosher-Friendly Neighborhoods

  • Areas like Golders Green and Stamford Hill provide a range of accommodations close to synagogues, kosher eateries, and Jewish community centers.

2. Vacation Rentals and Kosher B&Bs

  • London offers an array of kosher-friendly vacation rentals and Bed & Breakfast options, enhancing the home-away-from-home experience.

3. Transportation Accessibility

  • London’s public transport system ensures ease of access to various kosher hubs and Jewish heritage sites across the city.

4. Customized Jewish Experience

  • Many tour operators and travel agencies offer personalized Jewish experiences, including kosher meals, heritage tours, and Shabbat arrangements.

Comparison: Paris vs. London

1. Accommodation Type & Location

  • Paris: Concentration in specific neighborhoods, with options for hotels and self-catering accommodations.
  • London: Diverse accommodations ranging from hotels to vacation rentals, spread across various Jewish-friendly areas.

2. Shabbat Observance

  • Paris: Limited number of Shabbat-friendly hotels but growing awareness.
  • London: Broader range of options that cater to Shabbat needs, with established kosher-friendly accommodation providers.

3. Transportation & Tours

  • Paris: Neighborhood-focused convenience, with specialized Jewish heritage tours.
  • London: City-wide accessibility via public transport, along with personalized Jewish travel experiences.