How to Create the Best Balanced Diet

Diet affects everything from general health and risk of serious medical conditions, to weight and appearance. One of the smartest things you can do is improve your diet. You can start to create the best balanced diet today.
What Is A Balanced Diet?

In the past, schoolchildren were taught about the basic food groups. Although there have been changes over the years, the old-fashioned approach is still valid today. A balanced diet contains the nutrition people of all ages need for good health.

One group consists of protein. Examples include eggs, fish and other seafood, poultry, meats, seeds, and nuts. A second group consists of fruits and vegetables. Berries are also in this category. A third group is dairy products. Cheese, yogurt, and milk are some examples. Grains and other fiber make up a fourth group. Pasta, cereal, breads, and rice are in this category.

You can have the best balanced diet by including foods from each of these groups in your everyday meals.

The Best Balanced Diet For Special Needs

Some people have special dietary needs due to health issues or personal preferences. If you want to lose weight, a nutritious diet is the solution. While fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories, you can also find low-calorie options for protein, dairy, and fiber.

Vegetarians and vegans do not have to sacrifice nutrition to stay on their preferred diets. There are many meat substitutes and dairy substitutes that are not animal-based. Diabetics can also tailor a nutritionally-sound diet to meet their specific needs.

The Best Balanced Diet Is Healthy

When you look at the food groups, you may notice it does not contain many foods you currently eat. One example is processed food. For optimum health, choose foods that are fresh and natural. From baked goods to heat-and-serve meals, there is nothing in processed food that will truly benefit your health.

Fresh and natural also means avoiding products with unnecessary additives. Canned food is one example. There is more in a can than the food you want. Additives such as preservatives and sodium are in the cans, too.

Food preparation matters when you want a nutritious diet. Choose preparation methods that do not require extra fats or oils. When you sit down for a meal, avoid condiments that do not benefit your health. If you like extra flavor, choose one of the many natural seasonings or fresh lemon juice.

Consider the beverages you drink, too. Some popular beverages contain nothing but empty calories. Eliminate carbonated soft drink and alcohol from your diet. While water is the best choice, you can include milk, fruit or vegetable juice, coffee, and tea.

When you start with these tips, you can have the best balanced diet every day. You can have foods you truly enjoy, and you will be on the path to better health.